My Feelings Would Be Best Expressed in a Monoblog…

So I spend a lot of time on the bus.  And here is what I think about:

Last night I found four pennies on the bus, so I’m feeling extra lucky.  Does anyone else wish there would be some kind of “ding!” when you pick up pennies, like in video games?  Or is it just me…

This has bothered me for a long time.  Russia is on the landmass known as ASIA.  But we don’t refer to Russians as Asian.  Can someone please explain this to me? I don’t understand.

I invented a new drink: It’s called the 30 Rock: ½ Liz Lemonade, ½ Iced Tea-na Fey, a splash of Jack (Donahy) Daniels.  Want an even better drink?  Have a 30 Rock on the Rocks.  Smooth.

My mom and I came up with a new term: Pony Express Phenomenon (or PEP).  You’ve heard of Baader Meinhof phenomenon, yes?  No? Check this out.  Pony Express Phenomenon is when something you haven’t talked about, heard about, etc. for years gets mentioned twice in a matter of days (PEP gets days in honor of the Pony Express, which used to take several days to a few weeks). We named it Pony Express Phenomenon because I mentioned the Pony Express in a previous blog posting  about my nostalgia for old technology (see e-i-e-i Oh no). When I picked up the mail at my parents’ house, the latest InStyle magazine has an interview with Drew Barrymore in which she expressed nostalgia for the Pony Express. Which lends more credence to the person who claimed I looked like Drew Barrymore (I’ll post about that at some point).  So people: PEP it up!

Words I added to my vocabulary page:

Necne: where your bacne and your acne meet.

Freternize: the act of worrying in a large group.

One of the doctors where I work told me that 1% of the population lives at our temperature condition (Minnesota) or colder. I don’t know if that’s true, but as I waited in the snow in 10 degree weather for a bus that came late, I had to think: This is a case where the 99% wins.

My aunt and I just Skyped (yes!) and she told me that brides have actually Twittered down the aisle.  This is what I imagine that means. Or this. But I am sure it means this.  Ugh, she can’t even carry her own phone? Also, tweeting at your wedding is only acceptable if when they ask “Do you?” you tweet your answer before verbalizing.  I want to read “@BridezillaLOL: I do! But only because you carry my phone” as an update before I hear that you actually are married.  WHEN I’M IN ATTENDANCE.

Shouldn’t every stamp be a Forever Stamp from this point forward? They could save money and hassle by getting rid of all those 1 and 2-cent stamps. Just a thought.  Of course, this gal would be sad. This video is based on the end of Fargo and I LOVE all the subtle touches.  And I have definitely taped pennies on the envelope.  (It got there okay.)

You’re stuck with a bunch of the old ones! Classic.


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2 responses to “My Feelings Would Be Best Expressed in a Monoblog…”

  1. Erin says :

    Guess what? I don’t think they sell non-forever first-class stamps any more. The last time I bought stamps online, forever was the only option I had. In hindsight, I should have bought 200 sheets of them at the 44-cent rate. Sure, it would be a big investment now, but think of how much I would save in 2050 when everyone’s paying $3.00 for a stamp and I’ve still got my 44-cent one from 2012.

    Also, some geographers consider Russia a part of Eurasia, so you can start calling them Eurasians!

    Keep blogging, Sarah – I love it!

  2. Michael Turner says :

    Not to sound ignorant, but when someone says Asians I picture Oriental-looking people. I also have considered how much I could save long-term by buying forever stamps in bulk at today’s prices. Hey, remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry makes fun of ponies and then that old lady says she had a pony she loved while growing up back in the old country? Classic. And why not just have regular Ice-T (the rapper) in the drink? Just an idea.

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